• Honor your process. Just be you.

Honor your process: a letter from me to you

Hey you,

Remember how someone told you that it's best to just be normal, to keep small and keep to yourself? Remember when they told you that what you want isn't really possible? That your dreams are too big and you shouldn't get your hopes up? Remember when they said it will be too hard or not worth the trouble?

Or was it you who said it?

Remember when someone thought they were an expert on your life and on how you should live it? Remember when they defined what success should be like for you? Remember when everything was explained to you in limits and negativity?

Or was that you whispering in your mind?

The thing is, the only thing that is truly safe, is mediocrity. Being like everyone in the herd - blindly, without question. But what if the lifestyle of the herd isn't how you want to live?

It takes certain risk to let yourself be fully you.

Take the risk though. Be peacefully different. Define your own success and always show yourself only kindness. The world is mean enough already.
Success is being the person you want to be, in beautiful freedom.

This success cannot be owned, its energy is always changing circumstance and possibility. It takes daily intention and action to let the warmth of success fill your heart.

It is important to fill your heart with love and dreams. The world needs you to!
You are the gatekeeper to your heart. You are the customs officer who decides which baggage is allowed to pass through. You have the choice to let go of the past of hurts and define yourself with kindness.

So, I'd like to say this to you:

I do not know you and I do not know your dreams. I do not know your past and I do not know your future. But I know what you are made of. You are made of the same stuff as stars are made of. You are made of energy and love. Pure potentiality. Team up your mind and heart and spirit and you will find the power to become the person you want to be.

Honor yourself always.
Be soft to yourself, always.

Honor your process.
Just be you.

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